Labour Hire

BS Diesel Resourcing offers tailored resourcing solutions to deliver quality personnel to our clients in a timely manner. We provide industry leading expert trades, semi-professional & professional staff.

Labour hire personnel, contractors, and visitors to site may have the necessary industry generic inductions but what about your site specific inductions? By choosing BS DIESEL as your preferred supplier of labour, the job of sourcing additional labour with the right competencies for any type of work a much less stressful chore.

As we understand our clients’ needs we can source not only trades & operational based personnel but also specialised resources. What's more, we do this in a cost effective, professional & timely manner.

For example: BS Diesel can put together specialist teams of labour hire personnel that would be made available solely to a client. These personnel would be selected with the specialist skills to not only complement each other, but the skills of our clients full time staff. The bonding and improved safety and teamwork that comes from a steady workforce that admire, respect and trust each other in each other’s abilities can only be achieved through careful selection and an ongoing fostering of the working relationship. A transient workforce with labour constantly sourced from different suppliers can erode and undermine the bonding fabric of the team. Once this begins to effect, safety, productivity, efficiency, quality and workplace harmony suffer and the organisation’s ability to attract and retain key staff members is severely compromised.